SalesForce to Bitrix24 free CRM migration - Japan case study 11.05.2015 Task: Migration from SalesForce to Bitrix24 cloud version free
Region of the client: Japan, Tokyo
Field of activity of the client: Selection of work and human resources in the field of banking and finance, industry, health, IT, telecommunications, medicine and medical equipment, human resources and logistics.
Volume of database: 2 Gb archive, 29000 contacts with attached about 7000 office documents, about 8000 companies.
Duration of work: 23 working days
Achived rank in the company Pulse: 118К

Who searched us:
Client from Japan approached us with a request for migration from SalesForce to Bitrix24. Customer had drawn its database and had no active account in SalesForce.
The database was around 2Gb in archived form. The client works in the field of staff selection.
What we had at the beginning
The client was using CRM mainly for contact management.
The essence Leads was not used active and conversion of lead in contact.
The main difficulty in the project was the variety of additional fields for Contact. For each contact we had to define fields that would allow search, filter and use templates of letters. The remaining fields should be combined maximum for future simple and convenient use and administration. Each contact had to also be able to add different documents that have the same rights to work, as the Contact. The documents had to be visible if possible in the contact and to open them comfortably in office applications.
What we did and we advise to make during the process
As a result of the analysis there were added over 100 additional custom fields in the Contact and 5 additional fields in company. Database migration started with Companies, data for companies in the database of SalesForce is located in the file Account.csv.

import companies 

Import in Companies is best to start by downloading the sample file for import. You can easily find it by starting the import link to it in the first screen.
Review all the columns in the file and determine what additional fields will be needed in the Company. Add these fields in the settings of CRM and again download the Sample file for import if all the columns are already present in the file, you can copy the needed columns from the archive database in the prepared for import file. There may also need to split the file into several parts in order to pass import without errors due to uploading the file and its processing.
View the result of the import.
The next task is uploading contacts. In the database of SalesForce contacts are in Contact.csv. There is something special that the company in which belongs the contact is represented not by name but by ID from Account.csv. To cleave the contact in Bitrix24 we need to import in the table with contacts only the name of the company for this purpose it should be done a research and replace the ID of the company with its name. After this operation we should do again operation with identifying and adding the required custom fields and their type. After a few downloads of the sample import file and comparing it with the backup of SalesForce we can proceed to copying and replacing the columns in the import file. The procedure for import again can be repeated several times due to errors or because of the file size.

import contacts 

At the final we have all contacts with their attachment to the company and all standard and custom fields.
In this current case with the client the migration is complicated because of the attached to each contact files of various documents.
In the table with the contacts these files have their own ID in the database there is a folder with files without extensions with the very name which is the ID, and in the file there is relation between the ID of the file and the name of the file.
Working with these documents is exacerbated by the fact that the names of the files had characters of different encodings and that procedure is not provided for import of such information.
I suggested two ways to import files to contacts
- Manual mode in the interface of Bitrix24 the contact is seeked and add the necessary files - the advantages of this method are that the contact info reserves manageability of the rights of the contact and the organic display on the screen.
- Automated - uploading all the necessary documents in Bitriks24 disk and adding the links to the files in any contact directly with imports - the pros are automated and batch, minus the files themselves have the authority to work with contacts in CRM and are available for each of the CRM department.
Regardless of the type of import the file name should be replaced from Attachments folder with his real name and extension.
What we got at the final
The finale we had imported over 29,000 contacts with attached to them over 6,500 office documents and more than 8,000 companies.
And an impressive rating of activity in Bitrix24

Rating BK 

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Борислав Кирилов
We were moving from Salesforce to
Bitrix24 and were having a very difficult time finding a company who
could assist is with our unique migration situation, after finding
Softkey, Borislav Kirilov and team came to the rescue and successfully
helped us move to Bitrix24. Not only did he migrate our data, documents
and key business information he also helped us clean up our DB and
assisted in setting up our email and internal communication. Softkey
was fast, efficient and very reasonable in terms of pricing and value,
they are Bitrix24 experts and we highly recommend them!
Chris Ellis - CEO

The Refined Group
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