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SalesForce to Bitrix24 free CRM migration - Japan case study

SalesForce to Bitrix24 free CRM migration - Japan case study

Task: Migration from SalesForce to Bitrix24 cloud version free

Region of the client: Japan, Tokyo

Field of activity of the client: Selection of work and human resources in the field of banking and finance, industry, health, IT, telecommunications, medicine and medical equipment, human resources and logistics.

Volume of database: 2 Gb archive, 29000 contacts with attached about 7000 office documents, about 8000 companies.

Duration of work: 23 working days

Achived rank in the company Pulse: 118К

Who searched us:

Client from Japan approached us with a request for migration from SalesForce to Bitrix24. Customer had drawn its database and had no active account in SalesForce.
We were moving from Salesforce to
Bitrix24 and were having a very difficult time finding a company who
could assist is with our unique migration situation, after finding
Softkey, Borislav Kirilov and team came to the rescue and successfully
helped us move to Bitrix24. Not only did he migrate our data, documents
and key business information he also helped us clean up our DB and
assisted in setting up our email and internal communication. Softkey
was fast, efficient and very reasonable in terms of pricing and value,
they are Bitrix24 experts and we highly recommend them!
Chris Ellis - CEO

The Refined Group
Страници: 1
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