External Sites

by First Open Systems
Updated: 20.09.2016
Published: 11.03.2014
Version: 3
Installations: 17738
This application will allow you to embed external sites in Bitrix24 and work with them in a secure way.

Thereby creating a single information space for your company and ensuring the proper protection of confidential data.

All information transmitted through this application is encrypted . so that no one can intercept it and use it for industrial espionage .

This application is ideal for the safe use of such sites as: Internet Banking , Online Accounting, Tender Portals and various industry sites.

1. Full support for all types of sites and not just start with https://
2 . Single address input. Simplifies the management of blocking access to external sites . You can configure access from the office only to the resources Bitriks24 include additional sites and through this application .
3 . Data encryption on websites. This eliminates the interception of confidential data when working from untrusted Internet access

In the Internet there are sites that collect information illegally your location . We care about your privacy and this app does not give such sites collect this information about you.

If you have an idea for a new application or you are missing some functionality in Bitrix24, we can you implement it.
write to sales@1os.su and we consider implementations required functionality.