Asterisk Integration

Asterisk Integration

from InformUnity
Updated: 11.04.2018
Published: 28.03.2017
Version: 4
Installations: 3844

We present a simple and effective solution for integration of Bitrix24 and Asterisk. It is more than integration of telephony and CRM: you will have a powerful tool to manage sales department, telephone traffic analysis, speed and quality for call processing. Tools, that have only been available to large call centres are now available for everybody!

It is made up of two parts:

  • Main application Asterisk Integration including FreePBX module;
  • Add-on Telephony24 providing reports.

The solution is available in Cloud as well as Self-hosted Bitrix24 worldwide.


  • Free — up to two telephony users;
  • $49/mo — unlimited telephony users.

The 14-day trial period is available. During this period you can use the solution without user limitations.


  • CRM integration is activated in FreePBX module GUI in accordance with inbound route logic;
  • Lead sources depending on trunk number (internal calls from\to extensions are not displayed in the CRM);
  • Choosing the responsible call operator in CRM upon incoming call and redirecting the call to him. If an operator is not responding, the call is redirected, depending on the Dialplan option, to the operator’s mobile phone;
  • Displaying lead/contact profile to the operator and hiding it if the operator is not responding;
  • Creating a new lead upon calls if the number isn’t already registered in CRM;
  • Creating a new activity in a lead/contact/deal profile with the duration and record of the conversation;
  • Queues and Ring groups compliance;
  • Click-to-call in lead/contact/deal profile and dialling via Bitrix24 GUI;
  • Callback feature;
  • Call quality service assessment recorded;
  • NEW: missed call automatically generates a new task.
  • Telephony reports (only with Telephony 24) — graphs and tables with filters. All the reporting data is processed in Bitrix24:
    • Outgoing calls report;
    • Efficient outgoing calls report (more than 20 sec);
    • Incoming calls report;
    • Missed calls response rate report.

How it works

The solution is based on Bitrix24 REST API for telephony. Thus, unlike SIP connector, on average it saves more than 5 seconds of call connection time.

All the telephony remains on the Asterisk side and you will still be able to use your SIP telephone sets or softphones without any changes. If you are using Asterisk with SIP connector, you should connect your SIP telephone sets or softphones with Asterisk directly, you won’t be able to continue using the browser to make and receive calls.


  • Performance: no additional call redirections, no additional layer, reduced call connection time.
  • Reliability: direct integration server-server between Asterisk and Bitrix24, without voice transmission. In case of integration failure, Asterisk and Bitrix24 continue working separately.
  • User-friendly: setup and configuration in GUI take a few minutes (*It's highly recommended to consult with your system administrator).
  • Convenience: no other software and tools are required, only telephone set and browser.
  • Flexibility: manage your calls routes as you wish.


  • FreePBX v.13;
  • For Self-hosted: active licence and valid SSL installed.

How to start

The process of the application installation and configuration requires a system engineer. The details are on the Install tab.

To remove telephony user limit and activate reports please contact us for Telephony24 add-on (tab Support).